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Legacy Giving

Leaving a gift in your Will allows you to leave a powerful legacy…the ongoing care and support for others. 

Thanks to the generosity of those who have remembered Ardgowan Hospice in their Will, around 10% of our patients are able to receive the care and support they need when they need it most. With your help, we can sustain, or indeed increase, this vital source of income and consequently reach more people who need our help.

As you may already know, the majority of Ardgowan Hospice’s income comes from voluntary donations. In 2014 this represented 61% of all income coming from our friends and supporters in Inverclyde and further afield. This means we have to raise thousands of pounds each and every day and we rely on legacies as a vital source of this income.

Sadly, a great many people die without making a will. This means that their estate is divided according to the law, which might be very different from what they actually would like to happen. Preparing your Will offers you the opportunity to plan for and ensure that you leave clear communication about how you would like your estate shared after you die. This provides you with comfort and assurance that your wishes are known, and your family, loved ones and causes you care about are provided for.  

If we are one such cause, we would love you to remember us. 

Your solicitor can help you prepare a Will. If you do not have a solicitor or are concerned of the cost of preparing a Will we have partnered with WWJ McClure Solicitors to provide a free Will Writing Service. All they ask for in exchange is a discretionary donation to Ardgowan Hospice – the amount is up to you. McClure’s also offer a free home visit to help you if you are unable to make it into one of their offices. For further information about McClure’s and this partnership, please click here (link to McClure’s AH landing page).

There are different types of gifts* you can consider:-

A defined sum of money   Large or small, your gift will be valued
A percentage or share of your estate   This is paid after all other gifts and expenses from your estate have been met
A specific gift   This could be, for example, a painting, an antique, jewellery, shares or a stamp collection, or even your car


*there may be inheritance tax benefits. Your solicitor can advise you of current HMRC rules in respect of legacy giving.

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