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We know that you and your family or carers probably have a lot of questions. We have listed below some of the more common questions we get asked but please just contact us if you have anything else to ask. We care for people from all backgrounds and cultures and want to make it as easy as possible for those who need help to find it.

What is a hospice?

Simply put, hospice is about choosing life. It’s about believing that every moment, of every hour, of every day matters and what matters to you matters to us.

Hospice teams work with existing doctors and nursing staff to care for the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of both the patient and their family and loved ones. However, our goal is unique compared to traditional restorative care. We focus on palliation and caring, rather than curing, and we do whatever it takes to help patients and loved ones face the journey ahead with clarity and dignity. Hospice services range from pain management to a host of alternative therapies, and these services can be implemented wherever the patient is most comfortable and chooses: their home, the hospice, a nursing home, hospital etc.

Is hospice care only for people who are dying?

Hospice care is about living as well as dying. We will support you to live as well as you can, while also being there for your family and friends.

Is hospice care only for cancer patients?

While hospice was traditionally for patients with cancer, a significant percentage of all hospice care is now provided to patients with other life-limiting conditions such as lung, heart, renal and liver diseases, neurological conditions, dementia, stroke and frailty.

What is palliative care?

Palliative care means support for the physical and emotional problems related to a life-limiting or life-shortening illness for patients and those close to them.