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Exciting new chapter for Compassionate Inverclyde

Compassionate Inverclyde is a pioneering community initiative aimed at enhancing the quality of life for people facing life-limiting illnesses and their families in Inverclyde, Scotland. The project, which began as a service under Ardgowan Hospice in 2017 with planning for the service beginning in 2016, has significantly evolved since its inception. With this in mind, a unanimous decision has been made to let Compassionate Inverclyde spread its wings and become a charity in its own right, therefore no longer being part of Ardgowan Hospice.

Ardgowan Hospice, established in 1981, has long been a cornerstone of palliative care in the region, providing specialised care and support to those with serious illnesses. Recognising the need to extend care beyond traditional medical settings, Ardgowan Hospice initiated Compassionate Inverclyde led & supported by Alison Bunce and Doris Woods. The programme officially launched on 1st March 2017 with the vision of creating a more compassionate, connected community where no one faces illness or loss alone.

Over the years, compassionate Inverclyde has promoted a range of community-led initiatives. One of its hallmark projects is the No One Dies Alone (NODA) program, which ensures that individuals nearing the end of life have companionship and support. Volunteers are trained to provide presence and comfort, embodying the community’s commitment to dignity and care.

Another notable initiative is Back Home Boxes, a service providing essential items to individuals discharged from the hospital. These boxes, filled with toiletries, groceries, and comfort items, help ease the transition from hospital to home, particularly for those who may lack immediate support networks.

The initiative also included befriending services, where volunteers offered companionship to isolated individuals, and bereavement support groups, helping people navigate the emotional complexities of loss. Training sessions and workshops are regularly conducted to equip community members with the skills to support others effectively.

Compassionate Inverclyde’s success lies in its grassroots approach, fostering a culture of compassion and mutual aid led by Hospice staff members Alison and Doris who combined were part of Ardgowan Hospice for over 35 years! It has garnered significant community engagement, with volunteers from all walks of life contributing their time and effort. This collective endeavour not only enhances the well-being of individuals but also strengthens the social fabric of Inverclyde, creating a resilient and caring community.

Through its innovative programs and community-driven ethos, Compassionate Inverclyde stands as a model of holistic, compassionate care, providing support for those in need. All of us at Ardgowan Hospice look forward to seeing what they do next and working together in the future! We wish Alison, Doris and all involved with Compassionate Inverclyde the best of luck in their exciting new journey.

“I’m so proud of the journey that CI has taken since Jan 2016 and am extremely grateful to the hospice for the belief and support of the idea for CI from the hospice. I am looking forward to expanding our support to ordinary people who make a difference in our Community.” – Alison Bunce, June 2024

“I’m looking forward to the new chapter of CI and what new opportunities it may bring for the community!” – Doris Woods, June 2024

You can keep up to date with Compassionate Inverclyde by following their Facebook page here.If you have any further questions, please contact . Please note the donation collection point for Compassionate Inverclyde is no longer either of the Ardgowan Hospice buildings.



Photo of Alison and Doris at their leaving afternoon tea in June 2024.




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