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Our specialist team of doctors, nurses and care support staff can help to relieve symptoms such as pain/nausea, and help you to manage tiredness or difficulty with breathing. We will talk with you about the issues you are experiencing and together we will try to work out what is causing them, and more importantly, what we can do to help you.


This may involve:

  • Accessing, reviewing and changing your medication in order to reduce pain and nausea
  • offering relaxation therapy to help with breathlessness and reduce anxiety
  • seeing the occupational therapist who can offer support and practical strategies to improve your sleep
  • reviewing your daily activities to help conserve energy, helping you to maintain your independence
  • identifying possible adaptations to your living environment to help you stay safe and maximise your quality of life
  • having some physiotherapy exercise to help strengthen your muscles, ease stiffness and increase your mobility

We can help to ease your physical symptoms either at home, other places of care, or as an outpatient at a clinic. However sometimes you may need more specialist support from our team and may benefit from an admission to the hospice.

Short stays in the in-patient unit can give us the opportunity to assess complex issues more easily. This allows us to put support in place and monitor the effect of the treatment more closely than if you were at home. The aim is that you will feel better as your symptoms will be more manageable, allowing you to have a better quality of life.

More information about coming to in-patient hospice is available here. Or just call us if you want to have a chat.