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We have a dedicated Occupational Therapist here at Ardgowan who can provide you with practical support to help improve your quality of life and overcome any barriers that may be preventing you from doing the activities that matter to you.

Our aim is to help to increase your independence and overall satisfaction in all aspects of your life by taking a ‘whole-person’ approach to your mental and physical well-being by offering you:

– One to one relaxation therapy – this could help if you are experiencing breathlessness, and help to manage anxieties.

– Assistance with poor sleep (sometimes referred to as sleep hygiene) – sometimes anxieties about illness can have a detrimental effect on sleep quality and patterns, our occupational therapist can offer support and practical strategies to improve sleep outcomes.

– Fatigue management – some treatments can impact on your energy levels, our occupational therapist can advise on aspects of your daily living where energy could be conserved which could enable you to maintain independence.

– Life Story Boxes – we can guide and support you to pull together contents for a Life Story Box that reflects on special moments of your life. Each box is entirely individual and can contain anything from photographs growing up, wedding mementos, a favourite piece of music or a film that has significant memories. Some people have chosen to include their favourite silk scarf covered in their signature perfume; this can be done individually or as a collaborative project with family and friends.

– Transitional Care Preparation – for patients who are being discharged from the hospice to an external place of care other than home, the process of transition can be very daunting. Through meaningful conversation and participation, the anxieties of this process can be greatly reduced by pulling together a ‘What Matters to Me’ chart. This asks simple questions about how individuals feel about the less clinical issues, for example what is their perfect cup of tea? Do you like to sit by the window? At Ardgowan, we recognise that it’s the little things that can make such a big difference.

– Aids, Equipment and Adaptations – being discharged from the safety of hospice can be a scary thought for some. One of the ways we can alleviate this is for our Occupational Therapist to visit our patients home environment and ensure that they have all the equipment or possible adaptations required to return home safely and enjoy maximum independence and quality of life.