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We know sometimes everyday tasks such as getting in and out of a bed, on and off a chair or up and down stairs can be difficult at times. Our physiotherapist can offer you advice and support to help you to manage these daily tasks which can make a huge difference to you, your family and carers.

Physiotherapy aims to improve the everyday quality of life by minimising the effects of disease or its treatment, helping you to maintain independence and gain relief from distressing symptoms. Assessment and interventions can be offered to you as an inpatient, as a day support patient or in the home environment.

Our physiotherapist can provide you with:

  • Individual exercise programmes and the supply of equipment which can help to strengthen muscles, ease stiffness and lead to not only increased mobility but also enhanced emotional wellbeing by reducing anxiety/ frustration, improving self -esteem, mood, confidence and sleep.
  • Techniques to help with some of the symptoms of your illness such as breathlessness, fatigue and anxiety /frustration as well as advice on how to manage panic attacks, a troublesome cough, and low energy.
  • Activity leading to help improve loss of suppleness, strength, stamina and fear of movement. Physiotherapy can help alleviate these effects by providing advice on positioning and safe movement, acupuncture, massage, passive stretching, exercise and the use of specialist equipment.
  • A simple falls prevention programme to help improve balance or coordination to help reduce the risk of injury.