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Ardgowan Hospice is looking for photographers and videographers to help us spread our message.


Traditionally Ardgowan Hospice is very reactive in our media, chasing for content when a specific requirement is looming or reusing the same group of photos. We need to flip this on its head by compiling a large library that can be used as and when needed.

We want to have a weekend of photography, or more if required, to generate this library with enough content for two years, meaning only minimal reactive content needs to be sought.

When a leaflet is required, we’ll have appropriate images on file ready to drop-in, if a trust/grant is being submitted, a relevant video can be quickly pulled together, our social media and the website can continually be updated with fresh content, and when a fundraising drive is approaching, it has a stock of quality, emotive content ready to accompany it.

Having access to a far higher quality and quantity of imagery will help promote both our services to those who might not know about it, and boost public awareness.

Haven’s Hospice serves as the inspiration for this project. Their photography days generated:

1.3k images, 700 pieces of b-roll footage and 20 patient/family case studies (75% interviewed on camera) & staff interviewed on camera. 18 standalone video edits created from the content, with more to come.

Example video from Haven’s Hospices What if Havens Hospices didn’t exist? – YouTube

Types of Imagery


  • Candid shots – staff/volunteers at work
  • Posed shots – staff, patients, families
  • Headshots – staff, volunteers, board


  • Families sharing their experience
  • Staff talking about their role
  • General b-roll footage


We hope to run this event mid-May/early June 2023.

Media Use

Print Media
Including leaflets, flyers, posters, roller banners, press

Digital Media
Including social media, digital billboards, website/partner websites, fundraiser pages

Photography Location(s)

Principal Locations

Ardgowan Hospice In-Patient Unit – 12 Nelson Street, Greenock PA15 1TS
Such as patient room(s), sanctuary, garden bench 
ACCESS Building – 2 Ardgowan Street, Greenock PA16 8LE
Newly painted/decorated rooms in ACCESS

Retail locations – internal photographers to cover separately

External Locations

  • There’s a nearby play-park by ACCESS if interviewing a patient family with young children for something different (see Haven’s example)
  • Possible home visit via ACNS/ACP to show community care in action
  • Favourite family locations/memory benches/ash scattering locations