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Lynne Hunter, age 45, from Port Glasgow 






Volunteer Patient Driver


When one of Lynne’s closest friends received end of life care at Ardgowan, she was overwhelmed by the kindness and support shown by all the staff her friend’s family. She vowed to try and help the hospice in some way.

“I am a very sociable person and like to drive, so joining the Free Patient Transport Service at the hospice seemed like a logical choice. I hadn’t realised how valuable the service is, for some patients it’s a lifeline. “

Lynne has been volunteering for nearly 3 years and has driven patients 12,105 miles in that time.


“Patients who don’t live close to their family or whose family members are working and can’t drive them all the time, find it incredibly expensive, difficult and time consuming to travel to their radiotherapy sessions or hospital appointments.”

“I find my volunteering role so rewarding. Some patients could be going to over 20 sessions up at the Beatson. Although I may not be rostered to take them on every journey, I will be heavily involved. The patients can be very nervous and apprehensive on their first visit. I can offer them some reassurance and practical help. After the first treatment they feel more comfortable and know what to expect.”

Learn how to become a volunteer patient driver here


“I take them to the door and show them exactly where to go, sit with them if they want me too and then take them home to their door. They don’t have to worry about buses, trains and get stressed about parking or worrying that their family will have to miss work by taking them to an appointment. It is a fantastic opportunity to offer help at a difficult and uncertain time in someone’s life.

“Some patients are very quiet and I respect that. I get them from their appointment to home with comfort and minimum fuss or bother.

“Patients feel supported and I like to think I am always positive and there for them and likewise the staff at Ardgowan Hospice are there for me if required.”

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