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We’re Rebranding!

After 42 years, Ardgowan Hospice is still fresh as a daisy.

With new leadership, team members, services and a new five year strategy, the future of Ardgowan Hospice is as bright as ever.

As a celebration of the hospice’s new era in providing hospice care in Inverclyde, we are delighted to introduce a brand-new logo and colour scheme to embody our ongoing endeavours.

What does the logo represent?


When broken down, the name
Ardgowan consists of: 

Ard – A Gaelic word meaning ‘high, lofty’, ‘above the ground, elevated’. Employed in many titles and names, especially place-names.

Gowan – A largely Scottish word commonly accepted as daisy, or a white or yellow field flower. The word remains in modern use thanks to the Rabbie Burns’ Hogmanay standard, Auld Lang Syne.

The daisy, which blooms through the year, can represent new beginnings and transformation.

With fresh new services, innovative approaches to care, and a growing, multi-disciplinary team, it’s hard to think of a more fitting symbol to represent this exciting new era for Ardgowan Hospice than the perpetual bloom of a daisy. 

The Hospice team also likes to think that the daisy symbol aligns with the original meaning of ‘palliative’ (Palliative comes from the Latin word, palliare, which means “to cloak.”). The patient is in the centre of the daisy, protected and encircled by all of Ardgowan Hospice’s services. 


As the daisy symbolises new beginnings for the hospice, the wave element of the logo reflects the powerful connection between Ardgowan Hospice and Inverclyde. 

The waves not only pay homage to the area’s proud maritime history, they also capture the essence of Inverclyde. The three can layers symbolise the expansive sky, the rolling hills, and the River Clyde steadily flowing by. 

By incorporating this symbol, Ardgowan Hospice ensures that the community remains at the heart of its mission.


Colours in the Logo

The colours in the logo are derived from a photo of Inverclyde as the sun rises on a new day. The distinct violet-blue of bluebelles growing in the warm green grass of the hills, while the yellow of the sun reflects from the surface of the calm Clyde. These colours reflect Inverclyde, and now represent Ardgowan Hospice.


  1. The rebrand has been completed internally as a collaborative enterprise between departments.

    Ideas and skills of team members hospice wide from Retail to Marketing & Communications to Income Generation and Senior Management have been utilised. The designs were then put out to staff for approval.

    This approach has allowed the hospice to make a significant saving instead of having to approach third party designers.

  2. Logos are available on request in JPG, PNG, PDF, EPS & AI. If you’re organising an event in aid of the hospice, please get in touch and request an “In Aid Of” logo. A bank of images will soon be made available. 
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