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This year when you donate to Light up a Life, we’ll put a star in our night sky for your loved ones.

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Our annual Light up a Life service took place Sunday 8th December at 6pm in the Westburn Church, Greenock, where we lit our Tree of Remembrance. You can learn more about the service here:

        • Granny Maggie and Granny Gillian – we think about you every day. Love you! Mummy, Daddy, Maggie and bump x
        • Ellen McErlane
        • For my mum Pauline Cannon. 10th Christmas without you Mum, miss you every single day, but especially at Christmas time. Love always, your son Martin x
        • William Boyle – Much loved, never forgotten
        • In loving memory of Monica Duncan. RIP
        • Missing you Margaret Gannon + Hetty Gannon
        • Clare Watt. Miss you every day mum, until we meet again! Love you! Lisa xx
        • Josie
        • June Johnson you will always be in our thoughts Phil & Holli xxx
        • Bob Never forgotten Winnie & family xxx
        • In memory of Dorothy and Harold Faint together with Nelson Sweeney. Both Harold and Nelson received exceptional care whilst at Ardgowan Hospice.
        • Light up a Life in memory of wonderful parents – Lottie and Donald Lamont and also in memory of a lovely, lovely Husband – Jack Jump. All missed so much.
        • To Robert, love from all the family
        • To my loving wife Margaret, sending you my love x. Robert.
        • In Memory of Grace Clark..a special sister..always in my heart x
        • In loving memory of Mary Harkness
        • In loving memory of John Harkness
        • To our son, John. March 8, 1952.
        • To my husband, Jackie. March 10, 2003
        • Ross McMillan. Abbie McIntryre. In our lives for such a short time but forever in our hearts. Treasured precious memories.  X
        • In memory of my dear friend May Craig. Love Evelyn.
        • To my husband Bobby Carswell. Love and miss you every day.
        • My dearest Alistair. Another Christmas without you but you are never forgotten, All my love.
        • Hope this helps
        • Bobby Gow. Miss you Dad. Love Marianne & Charles & Robert & Angela x
        • Margaret Murray. Best friend. Love & miss you x. Marianne.
        • Dad + Wawa, Love and remembered every day.
        • Charles Masson, Judy Laing. Till we meet, Isabel.
        • For my mum and dad. Lily Boyd and John Stewart.
        • Miss you the rest of my life! – Janet
        • Love & Miss you all – Catherine x
        • Mum & Dad, miss you so much love Catherine
        • In memory of my Dad – Benny McIlmoyle. Loved and missed everyday but especially at Christmas.
        • In memory of my Mum – Nan McIlmoyle. Loved and missed everyday but especially at Christmas which was her favourite time of the year.
        • Hope you’re at peace & happy. Love & miss you every day! (sister)
        • Hope you’re at peace & happy. Love & miss you every day! (mam)
        • Dear Jessie, always remembered
        • For Lafferty Family & all who died of cancer
        • For Burns family & all who are with cancer
        • For a beloved husband & Dad, Jimmy xx
        • For Elsie Jackson, a very special lady
        • For a beloved Niece, Jill xx
        • Grace Clark. A special sister. Always in my heart. Lena x
        • Audrey Coyle, Helen Gray, John Robinson, Donald Orr, Margaret Patterson
        • Kevin Marshall
        • Tommy Kneebone. Lovingly remembered always – Sheena
        • My darling Margaret, forever in my thoughts, miss you every day, love you more than words can say xxx
        • Kathleen McConn – thinking of you now and always. Love Linda xxx
        • My dear Patrick. Christmas time once again. We your family will be in our prayers for you – love you always. Hugs & kisses from us all xx
        • Gone but not forgotten. My dear sister, Janette Gillan 2003 x
        • Miss you all. Please watch over me
        • Mum, gone but not forgotten. From Margaret
        • Jim McKendrick. Dad – love and miss you every day xxx
        • Aunt Margaret. So sad to have lost you. Canada will ever be the same <3 xx
        • Joseph Hogan. A wonderful dad, a gentle wind blew across the land, reaching out to take a hand, for on the winds the angels came, calling out my dad’s name. Love Rachel, John & Family xxxx
        • Angela Graham. A beautiful daughter + sister. A ray of sunshine came and went, a beautiful treasure only lent, a prayer, a tear, each day of our lives we wish you were here. “in the arms of the angels” love Mum + Brothers xxx
        • In loving memory of the Hamilton Family. Gone but never forgotten
        • In loving memory of George Barrett. Loved always. Evelyn & Family xxx
        • For our wee babies. Love Mummy & Daddy xx
        • To Dad, love you. David Lesley xx
        • Miss your smiling face xx
        • Miss yous every day Mum, Dad. Xxx
        • Mum, missing you always xx
        • Anna Wilson. My beautiful little mum who I miss and love every day. Annette xxx
        • Angel wings may carry you now, but I will carry you in my heart forever! Love & miss you dad x
        • Mae, always a lady. Love you.
        • Family & friend, always remembered
        • Many friends – departed but never forgotten
        • Alison Mary Mcreadie 23/10/48 – 30/10/16
        • Mum, till we meet again. Ralph
        • Stevie McGuinness. Hope your health continues to improve and that you feel the arms of our Lord above, around you
        • Thank you for being my sister & best friend, Miss you. Love Cathie
        • To Pat, with love. Thanks RIP
        • The courage will always be with us. RIP
        • Always loved. Never forgotten
        • Miss you’s everyday brothers. Patrick. Martin xxx
        • Love and miss you. Jamie xx
        • My son, Jeff. I love and miss you with every heartbeat <3 xx
        • Mum, I love and miss you with all my heart <3
        • To Dad and Jill. With all our love
        • Matt, Mum, Dad, Brother, Nephew & Friend. Thinking of you all at this special time of year. Love Helen.
        • Dad, you continue to live on in our hearts. We are so grateful for every day we had together. Love always xxxx
        • Love you Mum x
        • Mum: Bessie, Never Forgotten
        • Dad: Charlie, Never Forgotten
        • You will always be remembered James. Christine
        • Helen Millar (my mum). I love you and miss you. Eleanor xx.
        • Remembering my friend Mary every day. Love Annette xx
        • In memory of Sandra Jamieson x
        • To Charlie, Miss you. Love Nan x
        • To my brother, John Boyland. Passed away 14/2/11. Loved dearly. Young sis Betty
        • To my dad, Thomas Boyland. Love always Betty. Passed away 31/10/74
        • May all who suffered and died from cancer Rest in Peace
        • Mrs Margaret Valerie Doran. We all miss you and the chats we all had with you. Love Valerie & Cecilia
        • Tony, We all miss you so much. Isobel & all the Family
        • Mum, sisters & brothers. Gone too soon. Miss you.
        • Mae, Dear Lord – comfort her in your caring arms – comfort her in her grief – on the loss of her husband and daughter – in recent months. Bless all, Helen.
        • God bless you all
        • Bobby Carswell – love and miss you every day
        • Margaret (mum) Margaret (sister)
        • Alistair Church
        • Eleanor MacLean & Lorna Beaton
        • Margaret McAllister
        • Marie McDonald
        • Mrs Ursula Whiteford. Always remember you Mammy.
        • Andrew H Bryson
        • Janet Cunningham, Effie McEachran, Ronnie McEachran, Samuel Cunningham
        • Love to all
        • Mrs Dorothy Armour
        • Betty Smith. 55 Wonderful years together. I will you love forever. Joe xx
        • Mary Elizabeth Bannister
        • Ross McMillan, Abbie McIntyre, Walter Adamson, Thomas McIntyre
        • Bobby Gow. Lovely Gentleman, sadly missed x. Margaret Murray. Best Friend. Miss you x
        • John MacLean
        • Alastair Coray. Love and miss you Dad. Alexis x
        • John Calder, Nessie Calder, William Calder, Rose Ann Bowes. You’ve left us many happy, loving memories.
        • Christina Griffin, Joseph Griffin, Matthew Stewart, William Griffin, Stewart Hunter, Bab Hanlon
        • Margaret Devenay, Michael Devenay, Chrissie Crowe
        • Ray
        • Robert
        • Gerry McMurtrie, loving husband, Dad and Grandpa. We love and miss you so much, always in our hearts.
        • Elsie
        • Alex
        • Dave
        • Chris
        • James
        • Jack
        • John
        • Elizabeth
        • Emily
        • Robert
        • John
        • Peter + brother and sister
        • James Gisbey, Peter Glancy. Miss you all the rest of my life
        • Russell
        • Edward + Cathie McAloon, Edward Gallacher, Effie Gallacher, Ena & Charlie Gallacher, John & Daphne Gallacher, Annie Haughen, Pat Murphy, Mary McGill, Cathie & Harry Thomson, Alex & Clara Watson, Margaret Davey, Margaret Lamont, Danny Lamont
        • To all our family who has passed and hone. We always think of you and always in our hearts
        • Let’s steal away and chase some dreams, and hope they never find us, the weary days, the empty nights, we’ll leave them all behind us, Loving dad & Grandpa
        • I would give everything I own, give up my life, my heart, my home just to have you back again. Loving wife xxx
        • In loving memory of the Murphy family. Gone but never forgotten x
        • Love to all now at peace. Yous may not be with us. This day means so much I can feel your presence and the company of your love.
        • Miss you all.
        • You will never be forgotten.
        • James McNee and Lillian McNee a much loved mother and father, sadly missed.
        • Bobby Donachie, Sadie Donachie & John Clark
        • In memory of my wife Margaret
        • My Mum, Nan Moffat, who passed away in the loving care of the Hospice 2 years ago, and also my Dad, Billy Moffat who I lost 16 years ago. Miss you both so much but know you are there with me every day, Lots of love, Elaine and Danny x
        • John McLarty
        • John McDonough
        • John Baxter
        • In memory of Andy Malcolmson who attended the Mens Group. A lovely, lovely man. The world is so much poorer without him. With all our love , Simon, Claudine & Marc
        • In memory of our very special cousin Agnes. Much loved and missed.
        • In remembrance of my darling husband Frank, who suffered and bore cancer with humour, dignity for 4 years. Love you x.
        • Love & Prayers for you, God bless
        • Wishing you health and love this Christmas. God bless.
        • Mum, Dad, Sisters – Tricia, Mary & Agnes. Brother who was still born.
        • Betty, we had 55 wonderful years together. I will love you forever. Joe x
        • Mum & Dad, miss you every day xxx. Miss you always Dad xxx. Love and miss you Mum xxx
        • Jesus came to save us from Sin
        • To Donna. From Maureen, Laurie & family. Hugs & Kisses, fly high sister
        • To Lawrence, lots & lots of love. Mum, Dad, Brian, Mark, Laurie & boys. Forever young.
        • Thomas Boyland. John Boyland
        • Tony Tosh, we all miss you so much
        • James Maxwell, Nan Overend, Barr Overend, Alan Maxwell
        • Albert Burrows – The most wonderful Dad and Grandpa, our brightest star. Love you, always. Colette, Joe, Rebecca & Heather
        • Allison Graham
        • Robert Mooney, taken so soon. So young. Always remembered, Aunt Isobelle
        • This candle is in Memory of my Uncle Robert Blair who is now with his parents, sister and brothers in heaven Archie, Nellie, Sally, Tommy, James, Jeanie, cuz George and my dad Martin hope you have the best Christmas together but we all miss you millions. – Helen, David, Sally & Families xxx
        • In memory of my beautiful and courageous mum Grace Love you xxxxx
        • Elizabeth & Edward Mccafferty. Merry Christmas Mum and dad love and miss yous – Gillian, John, Ryan & Lucy xx xx
        • George & Janice McGeehan. Merry Christmas Mum and Dad, Love and miss yous – John, Gillian, Ryan & Lucy xx xx
        • Monica Duncan
        • In memory of my amazing Dad, Sandy Redford, my wonderful Aunt Arlene and my dear Uncle John. Forever loved xxx
        • Margaret Gow, Robert Gow, Mary Robertson, Edward Robertson
        • In memory of Andy Malcolmson who attended the Mens Group and was supported by the Hospice Team
        • In memory of Margaret Bell. Thinking of you every day x
        • Kirsty Love, we’ll meet again
        • Allan. We will meet again
        • Fond memories of a dear husband xxx
        • Remember with love. Marion Sanchery. 10/2/14. xxx. Tommy
        • My beloved son, David. Died 17th Aug 2019. I miss you so much my darling boy. Love mum xxxx
        • My beloved husband, Alex. Died 26th December 2006. Love and miss you forever. Love Margaret xxxx
        • Frances Heron. Miss you and thinking of you especially at this time of year. Love all the family and your friends xxxx
        • Billy, rest in peace. Till we meet again.
        • Ann Gamble. Not a day goes by that you are not in our thoughts. Love you mum. From Karen and all your family xxx
        • Not a day goes by I don’t think of you. Love and miss you always. Yours Sadie, loving wife xxx
        • To my dearest sister, Myra. Miss you so much, all my love. xxx Dora xxx
        • Remembering Peter & Christmases past
        • In memory of Stan Wilson. Miss you very much, love Lynne x
        • Lynn, your light never dims, always inspirational, always adored. God bless. xxx
        • Greene, love and miss you all every day.
        • McDiarmid. Love & miss you every day.
        • To Robert, love & miss you so much. From Gerald & Jac xxx
        • To Alex, Sally + Danielle. Love + miss you so much. Love Joan, Jac, Gary, Steven + Gerald xxx
        • Mary Campbell
        • Sandra Jamieson, sadly missed
        • Phyllis Henderson
        • For wee Anne – always loved, always missed
        • Ian Findlay, Dan Boyle, Marie Boyle, miss you all every day. Loved always xxx.
        • Thank you for looking after Brendan Harkins
        • Vivienne McFarlane
        • Myra Hanley, James Deegan. Jean & Mary Graham
        • John Munro – my one and only. Always in my heart, your one and only, Ellen.
        • Ian King, Christine King, Wee Joe Douglas, George Ross
        • Margaret & Timmy Houston. Isabella & William Boyd. And other members of the family & friends.
        • Elizabeth Black, Margaret O’May, Joyce McIntyre
        • Jim McKendrick – Dad love and miss you every day. Margaret Kristensen – so dad to have lost you
        • May Mapes, Len Mapes, Meg Hawthorn
        • Andrew Malcolmson
        • Ruth
        • My dad Patrick Hagan who was so well cared for by the hospice in 2010/2011 xxx
        • Anne, Always loved, always missed.
        • Elizabeth Ann Bell. 5 years on and your spirit still loves strong in our hearts. Miss you. Love you. My angel forever xxx
        • Dear Anne, I’ll miss and love you forever. Mum, you’ll always be part of my heart. xxx
        • Agnes Stewart. You are in our hearts & thoughts, lighting up our lives everyday as you are our STAR! We miss you soo much Mum <3. Lots of love xxxxxxxxxxxx
        • Catherine, Robert and George Pollock. Safe in the hand of Jesus.
        • To Nana, we love + miss you everyday. Keep watching over us with Gran + Aunt Liz. Love xxx
        • Frances. A wonderful unforgettable friend! Helen x
        • Jimmy. A dearly loved brother-in-law and uncle.
        • Mum, Dad & Tommy. We love and miss you. “The Gang” xxxxx
        • Vivienne, miss you every day, love Mum.
        • With fond and loving memories of all our family & friends. Forever in our thoughts.
        • Neil + Janet Murdoch, Alexander + Jean Kennedy. Gone but not forgotten
        • My husband Jackie. My son Ian.
        • Rose Sheridan. Pat McCarthy. Christopher McCarthy. Jean Vaughan
        • Allan McEwen. Kirsty Douglas
        • Adrienne Kane. I will never stop loving you.
        • Darling Jimmy, we miss you every day.
        • Mrs Margaret Caldwell
        • In memory of Andrew Malcolmson who was so well looked after at the hospice and who sadly passed away on 18th November 2019
        • Robert Blair, loving husband, dad and granda. Missed so much by us all on your 1st year gone from us. Love you to the moon & back. Geraldine, Donna, Billy, Gerald, Robert & Partners. Jessica, Olivia, Aimee, Robert, Lilly
        • love you more everyday
        • To Daddy, lots love, Kathleen xx. To Mammy, lots love, Kathleen xx
        • Morag Cumming, beloved mother and granny.
        • In memory of Janis Young (mum)
        • In loving memory of my beautiful sister, Monica Duncan xxx
        • Michael Duffy
        • Andy Malcolmson
        • In memory of my dad Patrick Hagan who was cared for at ardgowan hospice.
        • To Sandra, always loved, always remembered. John.
        • To Mum & Dad, love always, Catriona
        • Ian McCrorie
        • Uncle James Johnstone
        • This donation is being made in memory of the lovely Jack Glenny. Both Jack and his wife Elizabeth received support during Jack’s treatment. We are very grateful for the work that you do.- The Bissett Family
        • You are supporting a dear friend and her family and your work is invaluable. Thank you for all that you do.
        • All the great care you have given to friends over the years . Thank you
        • Monica Duncan
        • Monica Duncan
        • In memory of our dearest Dad, Albert with all our love xxx
        • In memory of my darling husband Neil Canney , love Betty Canney and family xxx
        • I have chosen to donate instead of buying christmas cards this year. Great care was giving to my Auntie Betty and this donation is in memory of her <3 x
        • Jean McVey
        • In loving memory of our Dad at Christmas
        • Mrs Harriet Forbes (murphy) . My mother in law was a patient and passed away in the hospice in feb 2015. She received excellent care from everyone in the hospice. Robert and Karen Murphy
        • Donation in memory of Anne Masey
        • In memory of family members who were cared for
        • In memory of my mum, Ellen, and in thanks to the Ardgowan Hospice and all of the fantastic staff for the incredibly great care provided to my mum in her last days as well as to the family. Thank you so very much to all. God Bless and Merry Christmas.
        • In memory of Jack (John) Glenny. Thank you
        • In memory of Jack Glenny
        • In memory of Jack Glenny (Christine & Andrew’s father)
        • George McFarlane
        • Elizabeth Burgess, Andy Burgess
        • In memory of husband and dad Wullie McKinnon. From your loving wife Emmie, Sons, Billy, Elaine, Ross, Stephen, Sylvia xxx
        • Alex Hunter, Margaret Hunter
        • John McLarty, Ken McLarty

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We update our sky once per day, Mon – Fri between 9-5. If you donate and you don’t immediately see a star, please don’t worry. We have received your wonderful gift and your star/message will be added to our sky. Thanks to your amazing generosity, Light up a Life is our busiest time of the year! This sometimes means it can take longer to process all the life changing gifts we receive but we will update as quickly as possible.

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