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Thank you for supporting our Light Up Inverclyde appeal, you can find our starry sky below.

Each star blanketing the sky represents someone deeply loved and deeply missed in or by our community.

Below the picture we have listed the names and dedications given at the time of donation. We have included a star for every name given. However, if you did not give us permission to share your message you may not see it in the dedication section below. We can easily update this, simply use the form at the very foot of this page and we can add your name publicly to the list.

You can donate and make your own dedication here.

William McAnespie – Remembering Christine McAnespie
Remembering Mrs Elizabeth Penny, Mr Ian Penny, Mrs Margaret Neil
William Kennedy – Remembering Families
Remembering John & Elizabeth Pigott, Emily Rebecchi, Robert Watters, John Stewart
Georgina Shaw – Remembering Miss Mary Denham, Mrs Mary Denham & Mrs Catherine Wilson
Kay McCabe – Remembering Ellen Pollock
James Armour – Remembering Mrs Dorothy Armour
Lorna Ferrier – Remembering Alwynn Ferrier
Remembering Mabel, Grace, Babs
Janice McAnally – Remembering Ross McMillan, Abbie McIntyre, Thomas McIntyre & Walter Adamson
Sandra Maxwell – Remembering James G Maxwell, Nan Overend & Allan Maxwell
Evelyn Whyte – Remembering Mrs Mary Craig
Edward Mitchell – Remembering Mrs Jessie Mitchell
Helen Stewart – Remembering Matthew Stewart, Christina Griffin, Wm Griffin, Stewart Hunter, Bob Halon & Joe Griffin
Irene Devenay – Remembering Margaret Devenay
Irene Devenay – Remembering Michael Devenay
Irene Devenay – Remembering Chrissie Crowe
Samuel Jackson – Remembering Jackson Family
Samuel Jackson – Remembering Scott Family
Brian Graham – Remembering Allison Graham (wife)
Laura Graham – Remembering Allison Graham
Bridget Lafferty – Remembering Matthew Lafferty
Joanne Hearl – Remembering Joseph Hearl
Irene McKellar – Remembering Mary McMorrin & Sarah McKellar
Jean Woods – Remembering Tom Woods
Remembering George Mitchell, Delia Mitchell & Jenny Linn
Geraldine Blair – Remembering Robert Blair
Margaret Davidson – Remembering George O Davidson, Many friends
Remembering Darren Kerr Docherty, Michael Docherty
Betty Hooper – Remembering Irene Hossack
Catriona Brocklehurst – Remembering Dorothy M Gardner & James E Gardner
Jean Howarth – Remembering Sandy Thomson, Frances Thomson
Elizabeth Berry – Remembering Bessie & Charlie Berry
David J Douglas – Remembering Margaret Douglas, Arthur Douglas
Remembering Charles Masson & Judith Laing
Remembering Thomas Duncan, James Duncan & Jean Roy
Marianne Gow – Remembering Bobby Gow, Margaret Murray
Mae McDonald – Remembering Mhairi McDonald, Andrew McDonald
Catherine & Douglas Dickson – Remembering Alistair Dickson
Jane Francis – Remembering Raymondo Francis, Betty Boyd
Remembering Aoife McKay Kidd
Margaret Evans – Remembering Janette Farrell, Jackie Purdue, Martha Purdue
Elizabeth Glenny – Remembering Jack Glenny
Margaret Cairns – Remembering Robert Cairns
Helen Wright – Remembering James & Margaret Wright, John Gerard Bonner, John Bonner, Thomas Heron and Susan & David Corney
Moira Dunn – Remembering Tom Dunn
Remembering Sandra Huthwaite
Remembering John MacLean
Olive McCrorie – Remembering Ian McCrorie
Patricia Robertson – Remembering Phil Robertson
Sharon Bolger – Remembering Thomas Mcateer, “Love you forever and a day. Always my Celtic star”
Colette Mcateer – Remembering Thomas Mcateer. “You’re so missed always thinking of you love of love Sophia and Olivia xx”
Geraldine Blair – Remembering Robert Blair, “A much loved and missed husband dad and granda”
Lucy Grant – Remembering Theresa Grant
Kerry McCluskey – Remembering Mary McCluskey
Gillian Webster – Remembering Mary McCluskey
Remembering Callum James Tosh, Emma Louise Cook & John Andrew Proudfoot
Remembering Agnes, Ann, Robert
Janet Ross– Remembering Glancy Family
Alexandra Beaton – Remembering Lorna Beaton
Jean Campbell – Remembering Catherine Jenkins, Houston Clark Campbell
John McVicar – Remembering Betty McVicar
Christine Traynor – Remembering Alastair MacFadyen
Helen Thomson – Remembering The Thomson Family, The Peason Family
June McPhail – Remembering Peter McPhail
Janette Hughes – Remembering Houston Family, Stewart Family, Fairhurst Family
Veronica Wevers – Remembering Robert Wevers, Colette Wevers
Sadie Parkhill – Remembering George Parkhill
Remembering Leslie Stewart
Doreen Nesbitt – Remembering Alexander Nesbitt
Edward & Karen McDowell – Remembering Emily Rebecchi, Anne Kennedy, Les McLeary
Barbara Williams – Remembering Samuel Williams, Thomas Williams, Sammy Williams, Jeannie Williams, George Hamilton, Margaret Hamilton
Remembering John McFadyen
Eric & Jean Marshall – Remembering Kevin Marshall
Leah Graham – Remembering Alex Graham                        
Maureen Morrison – Remembering Samuel Morrison, Catherine Rice, George McGlynn
Margaret McIntyre – Remembering Sheila Slavin, Duncan McIntyre, Mother        
Elizabeth Rafferty – Remembering Peter and the Scott Family
Isabel Frain – Remembering Mary Madden
Remembering Agnes & Hugh McMillan, Ross Lee McMillan, Georgie O’Donnel
Janet Kennedy  – Remembering Neil & Janet Murdoch, Alex & Jean Kennedy       
Sheena Jackson – Remembering Tommy Kneebone
Morag Welsh – Remembering Pat Welsh              
Catherine MacDonald – Remembering Philip MacDonald
Remembering Stewart Jamieson, Norman Duncan, Margaret Fraser
Paula McNeill – Remembering My Nana, Uncle Michael, Uncle Henry
Elizabeth Stuart – Remembering Mary McFadden
Marie McKechnie – Remembering Annie Meechan, Francie Meechan, Tommy Meechan
Hamilton & Wilma Cunningham – Remembering Ronnie & Effie McEachran and Sam & Jenny Cunningham
Hannah McAnerney – Remembering Neil McAnerney
Remembering Eddie Neill, Jean Lewis                     
Robert Henderson – Remembering Margaret Stewart
Jean Barnes – Remembering Herbert Barnes, Agnes Barnes
Remembering Jim Wilson and Patrick Wilson
Ellen McGuire – Remembering Lynch Family, Michael McGuire, Ian Creelman
James & Veronica McKeegan – Remembering Tony Morgan
Remembering Angela Graham, Joseph Hogan
Remembering Ian King, Christine King, George Ross, Joe Douglas
Catherine McCourt – Remembering Billy Kean, Hugh McCourt, Maud Lynn            
Sadie Kane – Remembering Mary Gillan Butler
Marion Baxter – Remembering Sam Baxter, John Gatens
Morag McLellan – Remembering James Livingstone, Mary Miller, Donnie Livingstone, Ruby & Arthur McLellan
Remembering Mary Kerr
Remembering David James Gray
Jean McMurtrie – Remembering Gerry McMurtrie
John & Margaret Wright – Remembering Alex Hunter, Peggy Hunter
Isobel Skinner – Remembering Robert Skinner, Nicol Skinner         








Please note there may be a small delay between receiving your kind donation and the names going live on our website while your gift is processed.