Donate Now

Fundraising is a great way to bring people from all parts of the organisation together, and it’s a brilliant way to take a break at work and have some fun with your colleagues. And we all know that the best gossip comes out at tea break!

More importantly, it makes a real difference to the people living in Inverclyde affected by a life limiting illness. So you can feel really proud of what your efforts.

So let’s help you get started:

Recruit a dream team
Round up your best squad from around the business to create the ultimate fundraising team dream.

Get the boss on board
Your boss’s backing is a great way to get more people involved. You could even ask them to set a fundraising challenge!

Spread the word
Make any messages about your event as fun as possible so they really stand out.

Make more of your money
Check if your company will make a donation to match what you raise. It’s called ‘matched funding’, is quite common, and it could double your total!

Check with your facilities team
You don’t want to do anything that your workplace can’t handle, so make sure you run your plans past your resident facilities team.

Here’s some fundraising ideas to help you get started but we’re sure you’ll be much more creative!


Bake a big difference
Whip up a batch of brownies, get a pot of tea on and get together for a charity tea at 3.

Get the party started
From karaoke to dance-a-thons, clock-off and let loose.

Dress up or dress down
Wellies for a week? An office full of hollywood stars? It’s your call.

Challenge yourself
Give up something you love for a week. Get sponsors. Impress workmates. Silence doubters.

Whatever you decide to do, we’ve got some top tips for you and we’re here to help you with your fundraising. So give us a call on 01475 726830 and speak with a member of the fundraising team, or email We’re also really happy to come to your group to give a talk about our work so please do get in touch if you would like us to come along.