Donate Now

Here are our top tips to help you make the most of your fundraising event but remember to keep in touch as we’re here to help and support you every step of the way with your fundraising efforts.

1. Get planning
The sooner you start organising things the better. Rally the troops and get your friends and family on board to help too.

2. Tell us about it
We’d love to hear what you’re planning and we can help you to make your event a success so just get in touch.

3. Keep it simple
The best things in life are simple so make sure you know what you want and keep a checklist to show exactly what needs to be done at every stage. Remember we can help you with this.

4. Pick your moment
Be aware of timings. You don’t want your event to clash with a holiday or major event that is happening in your area so plan around them so that as many people as possible can attend to support you.

5. Share your story
If you have a personal reason for supporting Ardgowan Hospice, and you feel you can talk about it, share your story. You could also let the local press know about it too as they love exciting stories. We can help you to write your press release.

6. Get connected
Tell your friends, family and work colleagues what you’re up to and if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, make sure you tell your network what you’re up to.

7. Maximise your money
You can create a dedicated fundraising page and use your networks to drum up support by sharing the page. You can also encourage individuals to Gift Aid their individual donations if they are a UK taxpayer. Your employer might also offer a Matched Giving scheme at work where they will match what you raise too.

8. Cameras at the ready
Take plenty of photos to show everyone how well your event went and share them with us too after your event.

9. Have fun
Remember to have fun yourself – especially as you’ve worked so hard!

10. Thank everyone
Let your friends, family and workmates know just how grateful you are and how much you raised. Your efforts and their donations really will make a huge difference to those living in Inverclyde with a life limiting illness.

Remember to keep it legal!
Fundraising should be fun but it also needs to be legal and safe for everyone involved.

Get permission – if you’re holding your event in a public place, you must get permission from the local authority or property owner. Also make sure you ask permission from the people you want to take photos of

First Aid – make sure you have appropriate first aid support in place. Call our fundraising team if you need assistance with this.

Insurance – if your event is a public event, it is important to check what insurance cover is required. Some venues may have this in place already, and if the event is at home or on private property, make sure the insurance covers this too. For any enquiries, please just call us.

Public collections, raffles & lotteries – if you are holding these types of events, please contact our fundraising team as you may need a licence.

Data protection – only collect the information you need, keep it safe and do not share it. If someone asks for their information to be erased, you must comply and make no charge for the service.

We’re here to help you every step of the way so please just get in touch. Call Alex, Elaine or Joanna on 01475 726830, email them or send them a message through Facebook.