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Fish n chips with the family? Learning to cook tablet with your grandma? Food comes attached to precious memories. Sharing that food with family and friends is sharing and growing those memories (and helping people get hospice care at the same time).


Support Ardgowan by getting together with friends and family for a meal.

A Taste of Home get together couldn’t be simpler:

  • Plan your menu. From savoury to sweet, share and indulge in your favourites.
  • Share! Let everyone know what you’re doing on social media and share your recipes (if they’re not a family secret) #TasteofHome #ArdgowanHospice
  • Ask your guests to donate whatever they can afford for their meal, to help more families get hospice care.
  • Send in the money you’ve raised by clicking here.
Opening up hospice care

Open up hospice care is a partnership between Hospice UK and hospices across the country. The campaign aims to build awareness and raise funds for vital support services so hospice care can be available to everyone, whoever and wherever they are.